Spectral Embrace

by Isenordal

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Grendel's Sÿster
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Grendel's Sÿster No room for cheesy pagan kitsch on this record. Instead, you get to hear highly enjoyable mournful melodies and rich polyphony.
amorphisgarden thumbnail
amorphisgarden As ancient and deep as the Cascadian region it comes from. Earthy, genuine, emotional. This music is powerful and subtle. The rain, dark earth, and ancient spirits that are buried here give life and nourishment to the flora and fauna that follow after. This album captures all of this beautifully.
Jeff Richardson
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Jeff Richardson So many of us caught up in specific genres of metal; like fans of some sport or team; losing insight into the greater trends and innovations of rock music. This band, this collaboration is, in my opinion, such a trend setter. Complex, deep and completely unique in their lyrical and melodic content. Their albums combined, provide a whole new range of thought and sound. Favorite track: Inevitable Product of the Foretold.
Dave Aftandilian
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Dave Aftandilian Dark, dark chamber folk rituals. Chill winds blow; oak leaves fall, burying my outstretched limbs. In time, bone decays to humus; memories fade; beloveds are forgotten. Will you still be here when I wake? Will I? As if in answer, the sun flickers through the swaying leaves, and bright poppies blaze upon the field.
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released June 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Isenordal Seattle, Washington

ISENORDAL is a black funeral doom/dark folk project birthed in the year 2013 in the Cascadian region of the United States.

Kerry Hall - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff King - Bass, Cello
Marisa Kaye Janke - Viola, Vocals
Brian Hazard Spenser - Drums, Percussion
Lieu Wolfe - Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Vocals
G. G. - Guitar
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Track Name: The Sorrow of a Shadowed World
I lay within an earthen shroud
Gazing to the heavens,
Forgetting what’s underneath;
All I’ve ever known,
Churning life within my bones.
Stories forgotten and lost,
Unburied upon my death,
Retold rebirthed now.
Delicate destructive force,
Nourishing and poisoning,
In a time so merciless,
Falls to darkness.
Know my bones,
For they will rest with death’s embrace.
When sorrow flows, we’re caught in violent tides.
When sorrow flows, we drown.
Hearts withering now,
Veins merge with earth’s rotted womb;
Now sorrow flows.
Hands stretching down toward hellish depths like forgotten arbors,
Lost and afraid, pulled from light and into darkness,
Memories of this plagued land unburied and bled.
I weep,
The light escape my reach,
I lay my bones to rest.
Cascading disintegration
Piece by piece setting free my flesh
Mortal core clenched and poisonous
All I bore weeping in darkness
Know my bones for they rot in death
Forgetting forgotten and gone
Cascading disintegration
Shadowed life setting free my flesh
All I know suffering inside
All I knew weeping in darkness
Know my bones call to death
Piece by piece earth frees me
Cascading darkness cloaks all
Shadowed life freeing bound flesh
All I know suffering
All I knew weeps with me
Track Name: Inevitable Product of the Foretold
Fall, falling grace
Call for the rains
Writhing travails
Fate, fates undone
Life's shadowed pain
Raveled fates
Straining haste
Blistered hands
Blinding dawn
Words unwove
Reapers sown
Pulled away
Shadowed pain
To die on the earth
Is to lie between soil and sky
To fade from the light
Is to crumble from deafening cries
Endless sea of grief begins
Washing over, haunting me
Fear of beyond
Death's solitude
Darkness consumes
Form withering
Morose grasp
Holding fast
Breath forlorn
Woven strands
Track Name: Despondent Longing and Phantasmal Communion
Rest here in your earthen tomb
Wearily, I long to share your rest
I miss you, my love
Above my grave
You gave me all I held dear
Here I Rest
In the wind, I hear you
In the mist, I see you
In the day, I miss you
In the night, I want you
By my side, no one stays
In my heart, no one else
I wish to die
Since you have left
I wish to live
Don't wish that you could join me here
I wish to live
What's your rush?
I wish to live
Track Name: An Entrancing Dream
Breathe, sleep, dream through the night
Peace finds you now
Close your eyes
Entranced you escape
Drifting through this dream
Grasping at a mirage
Feel time vanishing
Feel old wounds mending
While life passes by
Light flows through me
Passing tender to the seeking scarred
Deathly near towards the dark
Eternal formless void
Cloaked in leaves
Rest and breathe in woodland sanctity
Stay with me
Swollen now the forest heals you
Trapped within this spell that binds your mind,
I wait for you to wake
Deep slumber keeps you far from my side
I wait for you to wake
Pain in you I see, it torments me
I wait for you to wake
Track Name: Dissolution into the Earth
Warmth of the unfolding spring
Out of reach and tempting
Floral bound where I reside
Prolonging decay
Passively in time
Or in depth
Into the earth
Where the sounds
I could sleep for days
Beneath the leaves
Before the wind
Could break my calm
All the days have passed
Into a blooming trance
Track Name: To Turn thy Thoughts from the Tree of Life
Hands part the leaves
One has fallen from the tree
Time gone
We who remember
Hold an image in our minds
Bear an imprint scarred in memory
I was we
We who remember
Hold this blessed cursed weight inside us
Memory and pain at once the same I reach out
But cannot grasp
This burden I have carried through I lay to rest
We both are set free
Done and gone
What could I have even hoped to have said?
Now it’s done
Gone for good
What could I have even hoped to have said?
As I learned how to open up the first
that I'd clenched all these years
I found a knife
I'd stabbed a blade in my own heart
As I learned how to turn away my thoughts from the tyranny of the past
A path, a bittersweet salve for my wounds
Never recreated, impossible to tell you how it burdened me
Revisit memories, how it burdened me
I must be free from this guilt that you gave me
Though it was a true love
How it burdened me

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